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Style rookie Tavi Gevinson

I have to admit my first thoughts upon seeing pictures of the 13 years old teenager at the fashions shows weren't very positive ones.
Anyway, we recently had this discussion at the job about fashion blogs and someone was bitching about that little girl and how ridiculous it's that she is invited to the shows.  I forgot about tavi for some days but luckily kathleen reminded my of the whole issue in a recent blog post.
So I finally went to check Style rookie Tavi Gevinson blog and I have to admit to took my breath away. The girl is an artist! intelligent and highly talented, I clearly understand why fashion people call here a source of inspiration or even a muse.  On one hand there are these self-portraits from her in these amazing outfits her explanations and thoughts  on the outfits are well worth reading. Then there are here collages, all little works of art. Her thoughts on fashion. for me,  are a better read than those of many of the fashion bloggers out there.
Go and see for yourself!



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