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Belgrade Nights

You may have realized by now that I love to walk through cities by night. Belgrade is probably my favorite "night walks" city. First it is darker than any city I know so far, except Katmandu maybe, but I have not been there for a very long time.
Second the light seems to be very yellowish here. I don't know if this is because of the dirt and pollution in the air or if they use different bulbs.
When I came here for the first time in 1999 this struck me immediately. Lit shops and house entrances get to look so mysterious in this generally much darker city. I like the deserted shops and the empty hallways. Some times you to get to see through a not properly closed curtain into an apartment and you get a glimpse of a different live, sometimes you pass a restaurant where the last quests don't feel like going home even though the waiters started to close the restaurant.
I was very luck yesterday because it started snowing, which makes it even more fun because people don't go out and you are pretty much alone out there.
Unfortunately I am a bit of a wuss and get scared often if the streets get to narrow and to dark. It doesn't help that there is always someone approaching me . Yesterday I took the iPod with me, which was a pretty good idea, it's a bit like diving in the city, - you don't hear all the party people screaming and chatting, just you, the music and the city.

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kev @ 16.12.2007 20:07 CEST
w. @ 07.01.2008 19:32 CEST
caspar @ 14.02.2008 23:35 CEST
wow, I've lived here for about three years now and never realised this.. but you're absolutely right, Bgrd is darker than other cities! but i think it's most of all due to the dark caracter of this place... the sinister history, the nongalant black humor and the fact that Belgraders seem to kind of enjoy (or take pride in) their own grimness makes this darkness harmless in a way.. like an old black and white ganster movie back alley... of all places on earth this town never scares me. thanks for the great pics! you live here? or just passing through?
sarah @ 15.02.2008 21:28 CEST
:-) Thanks.
I have family who moved here 7 years ago so I keep coming back once or twice a year.
Sandra @ 20.02.2009 12:54 CEST
Why do you say that there is lot of polution in Belgrade? Whith all this wind... and it certelly doesn't increase darkness. And don't nedd to go to Katmandu (!!??) to see the realy dark night in the city. Go to Italy. Every city (apart Milano, Rome, Florence) is darker then Belgrade.
zera @ 20.02.2009 14:43 CEST
Well I'm from switzerland and compared to here the air is very polluted. But so is London. But anyway it's a beautyful city and the darkness is what I love most about it.
florencia @ 26.01.2010 17:03 CEST
this place looks like buenos Aires.
kev @ 26.01.2010 23:12 CEST
hi florencia. can you send us pictures of Buenos Aires?
florencia @ 31.01.2010 18:23 CEST
Ive only have here with me some few bad photos of buenos aires. but if you want I can send it to you, and you see. where? which mail?
Kev @ 02.02.2010 22:49 CEST
don't send bad ones ;) if ever you come accross some good ones... thanks!
Vladimir B. @ 26.02.2010 08:33 CEST
There are no ugly places, only ugly souls who wander through them.

Yes Belgrade was dark in 1999 but don't you think there might have been reasons for that? Nowadays it is as dark as any other city at night--or do you perhaps know of any city that is not dark at night?

It is true that Belgrade has its beautiful evening melancholy, but I would not expect a person who takes such prosaic and artistically worthless images like you to be able to rightly appreciate it.

As for safety, Belgrade is among the safest places worldwide. Take a similar walk in LA or SF and see if you will return home still having your iPod.
Kev @ 26.02.2010 23:33 CEST
@vladimir u hurt? Everyone here's saying Belgrade is a beautiful place... And cities without mad lights at night are a real gain. Belgrade is definitely saver than a lot of cities - this doesn't mean one won't be a little scared or intimidated walking the streets alone at night - just like one might be in any larger city if so inclined.

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